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NORDIC AV welcomes you to our universe of solutions

Our solutions encompass more or less everything within sound and image – with a primary focus on hospitality, smart home, meeting rooms, retail sound, and network construction. We are a relatively newly established AV company consisting of enthusiasts with many years of experience within the industry. We ensure flexibility in our range of solutions through a strong network of skilled professionals who can deliver the necessary expertise when projects become complex.

We believe that the future will become increasingly digital, and have therefore entered into strategic partnerships with suppliers of products that allow for central control and monitoring of individual locations. Ultimately, this is a great advantage for all parties, as it provides the best possible user experience and the possibility for external support.

As our customer, you will feel at the center of attention. We always follow our projects through to completion and we know that we create the best relationships, products, and solutions by giving you, as a customer, the best possible experience.

Only a satisfied customer returns – and we are really happy with all our returning customers.

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A section in strong growth. Smart home, which is the digital control of private homes, is also gaining ground in modern hotels.

We have a unique and strong relationship with the powerful brand CRESTRON, which is a supplier of digital control for hotel rooms.

Combined with our strategic partner, SAMSUNG, we also solve all needs for Hotel TV.

Environmental awareness and “green” accounting are increasingly in focus. We focus on products that have the least possible environmental impact. SAMSUNG screens are some of the most recyclable on the market, and with CRESTRON’s reporting capabilities, we can open up opportunities to monitor consumption on many parameters.

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The right sound environment greatly affects the guest’s experience in stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. Depending on your needs and budget, we find the best possible solution, so you get more happy customers. Royalty-free music can significantly reduce costs – and with our wireless speaker solutions from SPOTTUNE, the sound can be centrally controlled via the Cloud. Uncomplicated and reliable, both in installation and daily use. And of course, you still have sound, even if there are problems with your WiFi connection.

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The right sound quality and, if desired, image quality should always be a top priority when conducting meetings and conferences.

With our extensive experience and strong strategic partners, we are ready with all solutions from the simple meeting room to the top professional solution with CISCO video streaming and pro-screens from SAMSUNG.

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A well-thought-out network is the backbone of most modern installations.

After a thorough needs analysis with you, our certified experts design fast and stable networks that are ready to handle the daily challenges that arise when a system is put into use. This applies whether the current project is a meeting room, a Smart Home, or a modern hotel.

With a well-dimensioned network, you avoid the challenges that are often experienced with long response times, frequent system crashes, and too much manual effort.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion about how we can also optimize your AV network.

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With our digital solutions, you can control virtually everything in your home via one platform, for example, an app on your mobile phone or tablet. From lighting and temperature to your sound system or TV screen.

As the product developers at CRESTRON say:


These solutions can work the way YOU want them to. A unified solution, whether you control the system from your mobile, your tablet, a wall-mounted screen, and/or a centrally located screen in your home.

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